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I own a successful yoga fashion company called Funky Yoga, but the truth is I do not care about fashion, I once I did, but now is not so important to me. Being a sensitive visual Taurus caring about superficial stuff like fashion is normal. We love beautiful things, we love quality and perfection. As we go through life if we are curious and open enough to always try new things and move on we will grow.  If we stay still in our comfort zone we don’t.  We might get rich and be successful or famous, but are we happy?  Many famous and successful people are tormented by their our success and what success brings.

When I was quite young I had the chance to achieve success like no other person I knew.  I had the Midas touch (I still have it but my focus is different).  Success came very fast, so I flew with it, and I was flying one hundred thousand miles per hour.

At one point, I lost everything I had on my name and that day, curiously I set myself free. And that feeling of freedom gave me immense happiness.  I found what was really important for me and that I should go where my heart is at all times, and I will never go wrong again.  Simply go, do not think about it. If you are in a situation that does not make you happy, do not put up with it. Do not sell your self. Do not procrastinate. Be firm with your decision and go with it. Get out of that relationship, country, city, job or what ever it is that is not resonating with you.

That big material loss 20 years ago generated and long process of awakening that has lasted the same amount of time.  It is not coincidence, I was responsible for that loss and for everything I do.

I was no victim. As a matter of fact, there are no victims in life. We create every situation that happen to us in this life-time or in a past one. Every time I have detached from something important in my life I have experience enormous spiritual growth and a better understanding of life, its lessons and my real purpose in this planet.

During all these years my priorities shifted.  All the material stuff  became secondary. Now for me is time to restructure again and achieve the balance between the material a and the spiritual world. About the deep and the superficial, between the visible and the invisible, between the light and dark.

I do care about being abundant but I do not worry about that anymore. Worrying is simply not worth it, and I have replaced it with “trust”. The universe always will take care of us when we trust it will do so.

Basically we create our reality with our thoughts so when we trust we simply connect to that high frequency, the frequency of love. Without trust, love is not possible. When we love we inherently trust. Another big secret that must be used along trust is called “surrender”

So my purpose is clear, first is my my inner peace, second is my dharma (serving the world), then my balance between the material and the spiritual, and last my health and well being (but not necessarily in that order).  I will not sell my self now, I will stick with what makes me truly happy and what makes my heart vibrate.  Money and fame will not cause a big effect on my as it did it before, if I get them to experience again as I did it before.  I am more conscious than ever. I am inherently a happy spiritual being in a physical body; I have always being and I will always be that way, I am just more conscious of it now, and I am so happy. I live my dreams, co-create with the universe, attract incredibly beautiful beings into my life.  I feel balanced, integral and more peaceful than ever. Yoga played a large role in achieving this, I became a Yogaholic, I coined the term, I replaced all my bad behaviors for good ones.  I have finally learned to love my self, like if it is the last day I am on this physical plane.  I am grateful, oh yeah!  Very grateful for the assistance of all the wonderful people in my life in the past and now, which sometimes at times I judged, I thought they were bad for me. Also all those who hurt me or better said I perceived it to be that way, but they never did as a matter of fact they were only teachers.  They all loved me and I loved them deeply, like mothers, like sisters, like brothers and also like lovers.

Nowadays, as I struggle transcending my ego, I deeply trust and know in my heart that all is good and it always be; I simply let go and surrender to the magic of the universe.  This magic flow of energy that always take us where we need to be and I tell my higher mind to keep all the leanings of those lessons as I completely detach from the negative emotions.


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