Pineal Gland Activation



There is a possibility that everything that the system have ever told us is a big lie. Who controls the world, who really govern our countries, the news on the media, etc.   Most of us do not care, most of us are at sleep. We wake up, eat, go to work, eat, sex (if you are lucky!), sleep & repeat.   Who knows we are doing the right thing? What is wrong and what is right anyway? How do we know? Religion says one thing, our common sense something else, our hearts something else, what to do?
We have a tool, a tool the allow our wisdom to show up and that helps us decide what is best for us at each moment. Is called our Pineal Gland
and it has been a secret for centuries. The Vatican, the Mayans, the Sumerians, the Egyptians, they all knew it. Our Pineal gland is the bridge between our physical world and our invisible world, the spirit world.

Join yoga master, Juliano Echeverri, on a fun journey of modern sounds, Merkaba shamanic sound healing, breathing, stretches, movement, visualization and active meditation with the sole intention to activate our pineal gland or third eye.  Bring comfortable or yoga clothes for this workshop.

“In this journey of auto-discovery and personal growth you cannot miss the opportunity to participate in Juliano’s Pineal Gland Activation workshop; a unique array of yoga asanas, Tibetan exercises with a shamanic twist where you will be able to feel dormant energy, express your feminine and masculine aspects, release negative and debilitating emotions while consciously breathing at the rhythm of original music in an atmosphere of deep respect to every participant’s individuality. You will come out from this beautiful experience feeling the power of inclusive and expansive love and in tune with the Universe.” Jackie R.

With a combination of different modalities, Juliano will take you through a smooth and relaxing meditation
His voice and inspiring music will help you unblock your chakras , explore your feminine and masculine energies and delve into your deeper emotions.
You will move and awake your body ,dance ,laugh and cry .
Thank you, Juliano, for making me feel empowered and alive!

Carol, Miami Florida


“I came to experience Juliano’s Pineal Gland Activation workshop, while also hoping to get an answer to a big question that was troubling me. Afterwards I felt no need to ask, because what Juliano taught about ”
intuition” and how he explained about tapping into nature and his own experience, fully showed me that anyone, even oneself, is capable of capturing this wisdom if we know how to access it. I needed this time of meditation and release, and I am grateful for the new understanding.  Juliano is truly are a gifted teacher!”
Amanda Healy,
 Pompano Beach

Activation – Book Here
Pineal Gland and Kundalini Activation
Friday July 29th, 2016 7:00-10:00pm
The Buddha House
590 SW 44TH CT Miami, FL 33134
E-mail: [email protected]
Phone: 305-299-2600
Donation: $22