Emotional Release


Emotions are the way we learn the lessons of life in this lifetime. Our ego plays a big role on this as well, often pushing us to react in certain negative ways that will affect our soul and our physical body, most likely creating physical end mental illness that will have a negative effect in our daily life and creating a negative self-fulfilling prophecy.

Loss, heartache, and sorrow are certainly necessary for our growth, and it is an inevitable part of the human experience, but this emotional pain can be easily released with alternative holistic techniques as ERM.

If we hold on to negative emotions, we start to accumulate unnecessary emotional baggage.
Freeing yourself from this emotional baggage is crucial because dwelling on the past prevents you from participating fully in the present, which is the only place in which you can experience love, happiness, fulfillment, and the miracles that life have for you.

With the help of visualization and meditation techniques, ERM, focus in releasing those negative emotions, by finding the root-cause or first negative event. This root-cause event is stored in our subconscious mind causing trauma, fears, sadness, anger or anxiety.

We go back to the past, sometimes even before we are born, to find that root cause, then we trick the mind with the help of Neuro Linguistic Programming techniques to erase these negative emotions. Emotional Release Meditation is one of the quickest ways to get rid of trauma, phobias, and fear. In less than 45 minutes, the emotions could be clear and the results will stay for life.


Juliano Echeverri is one of the most gifted healers that I have experienced a healing from. He is full of love and a compassionate heart that is motivated with the most innocent desire to assist others to heal and feel more connected to their Divine Source. Thank you, Juliano for sharing your insight into the true nature of life and reminding me of the importance of staying open to the beauty that every moment brings. I appreciate your healing presence in my life that has helped me greatly and also for co-creating conscious community and healing in South Florida through The Holistic Circle’s events.
Michelle Maniaci, PT, EHP