Discover Your Power


Discover Your Power – Five Tibetans Workshop

In our Discover Your Power – Five Tibetans Yoga Workshop, experienced yogi, meditator and urban shaman Juliano Echeverri, presents a life-changing active class and talk that will make you experience the power of awareness, meditation, stretches, twists, tantric breathing, conscious movement and energy healing, all this in about two hours. This workshop will literally leave you with your head spinning but relax at the same time, rejuvenated and your body, mind and soul will aligned for a higher purpose.


Discover Your Power , as the master calls it…….very different from what we experience in most local yoga studios! As we occupied the body with intense, but joyful movements at the rhythm of sounds and music, the mind gets totally calm. The only thing you have is the present. It’s all beautiful, is all based on love.
As the music continued and the movements intensified, I started to feel an out of body experience. How can I explain this, hmm?

My physical body reached maximum relaxation and contentedness, at a level that it was not even important to be in a physical matter any more. I was able to let go of that part of me, and be in perfect harmony to welcome someone else within myself. I was truly able to let go of things that were not of service to me anymore. And subsequently, I was able to be open and receptive to a new and better me.

Annie Sanchez

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