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Well, someone told me once that if you are really not sure what career you want to pursuit in life just remember what is it that you were passionate about when you were 8 years old, and pursuit it as a career.

I been passionate about drawing, reading, painting and sculpting since I can remember, but I was also had the qualities of an entrepreneur since I can remember.   At 8 years old I organized my first art shows after completing 50 + figures of Dinosaurs made of Plasticine. Over 20 friends & family came to the house and I remember selling a couple of them. I been working since then in different projects, from restaurants, boats, shops, nightclubs, travel agencies, design studio, photo studio, etc, but what I kept coming back to my life as a passion was illustration, photography and writing in some extent, curiously what I loved to do when I was little has become a way of life for the last 25 years.  I lived in Italy and studied painting and sculpting, but I was seriously criticized by my teachers because I did not wanted to follow the classic techniques but wanted to experiment only with my own simple version of drawing and basic coloring, just as If I were and 8 years old!

18 years ago I lived a year in Costa Rica, escaping the cold weather of Europe and I sat down 8 hours a day for 8 months and wrote a book.  The book is called ” The Iguana that bit me in the Galapagos”.  Are a compilation of fun stories and drawings about those infamous islands. I did not write it to become famous or because I want to be a professional writer, I simply did it because I had to write down the incredible experiences that I lived.  I felt it so, I felt that I need it to do it and I had the time to do it, so I did it.  I have still not published the book, is a serious case of procrastination, or simply the beaches of Florida, where I reside for the past 16 years are too beautiful, and as a sun lover I have not dedicated the time to edit the book, but admitting that in writing kind of forces me to do it sooner than later. But I live my life in constant contact with my own creativity, always designing something for my yoga company ( or for the many profit and non-profit projects that I have started in my desktop, and little by little they will become manifested.



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