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TRAVELING THE NATURAL AND EXOTIC WORLD WITH A PURPOSE                           I dislike to be a tourist but I love to travel. Is challenging at times, you need to know where to go, and more importantly when to go so you do not run into thousands of tourists. To do that, you need to take risks; you need to take chances and plenty of travel time, otherwise you will be just another tourist escaping from the rest. I normally like travel to where I have local connections or friendsRead More

yoga, gear & stuff

ABOUT YOGA, FASHION, AWAKENING AND TRANSFORMATION I own a successful yoga fashion company called Funky Yoga, but the truth is I do not care about fashion, I once I did, but now is not so important to me. Being a sensitive visual Taurus caring about superficial stuff like fashion is normal. We love beautiful things, we love quality and perfection. As we go through life if we are curious and open enough to always try new things and move on we will grow.  If we stay still in our comfort zone we don’t.  We might get rich and be successfulRead More

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Well, someone told me once that if you are really not sure what career you want to pursuit in life just remember what is it that you were passionate about when you were 8 years old, and pursuit it as a career. I been passionate about drawing, reading, painting and sculpting since I can remember, but I was also had the qualities of an entrepreneur since I can remember.   At 8 years old I organized my first art shows after completing 50 + figures of Dinosaurs made of Plasticine. Over 20 friends & family came to the house and IRead More