Clean your Soul By Juliano Echeveri


I was in your workshop called “Clean your Soul” last October. Because of a past relationship that ended on a bad note, I was having this emotional pain that was trapped in my chest area for over a year. During your class, I felt a huge release of that negative energy. Once home, my mother was the first person to notice that my pain was gone. She said, “You look like a different person, what have you done to you?”.

Juliano, I am so grateful for knowing you and I have to words to thank you for the amazing work you do in these workshops. Thank you again.

Carolina B. Sunny Isles, FL (2015)


Juliano, it was truly a pleasure to have participated in your CYS class the other night. You are very skilled and knowledgeable in your yoga & meditation instruction. I am truly grateful to you for having taken the time to work with me & my novice yoga practice. Because of you, I will continue my pursuit of spiritual awakening thru the practice of Yoga, having learned new things through your class. Thanks again Laura.


"I am grateful for Juliano, he has created a sacred space where people can come together and share a beautiful experience and leave feeling relaxed and reenergized".

Chana Michelle


I just wanted to thank you because I heard that we had 54 people at your event last night. That's really amazing! Thank you for continuing this great healing experience at Miami Life Center throughout the month of August.

With Love and Appreciation,


Juliano Echeverri is one of the most gifted healers that I have experienced a healing from. He is full of love and a compassionate heart that is motivated with the most innocent desire to assist others to heal and feel more connected to their Divine Source.  Thank you Juliano for sharing your insight into the true nature of life and reminding me of the importance of staying open to the beauty that every moment brings. I appreciate your healing presence in my life that has helped me greatly and also for co-creating conscious community and healing in South Florida through The Holistic Circle’s events.                                     

Michelle Maniaci, PT, EHP

Clean Your Soul
Saturday, February 18th 6:30-8 pm
Luna Bohemia Metaphysical Store
Address: 8233 S Dixie Hwy
Miami, FL 33143
Phone: (786) 274-0123
Investment $30 (Bring someone for free)